News - 2008/2009

Behr in the jungle...

Dani has joined the stars in the Australian jungle taking part in this year's series of ITV1's "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!".

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Join the studio audience on ITV2

ITV2 are offering the chance for fans of Dani Behr to be members of the studio audience and support her in the jungle:

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here…Now! is back as a brand new group of celebrities head for the Australian jungle including... DANI BEHR!

We’re looking for fans of the show to come along and take part in the London studio audience on ITV2.

If you are over 18 years old and free for a few hours one evening between Tuesday 11th November and Friday 5th December then we’d love to hear from you.

Please get in touch:

 News - 2006 / 2007

Catch Dani on GMTV on the ITV network from the end of November, doing all things 'Ozzie'!

Click here to 'listen' to Dani's voice narration for the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class website.


Dani will be presenting BATMAN BEGINS, BEHIND THE MASK for ITV in the UK this month. Check local listings.'

News - 2005

Dani married Carl Harwin in Malibu, California on May 5, 2005.  Pictures from their wedding were featured in UK publication, 'Hello' magazine.  Look out for another feature of Dani in her Los Angeles home, coming soon to the same magazine.

LITTLEST GROOM hits UK TV on Bravo this Sept.

Dani's hit show LITTLEST GROOM on FOX in the USA, has finally found its way across the pond and is hitting the UK screens this month on Bravo  (check your local listings).  

LITTLEST GROOM is where four foot five bachelor Glen Foster is looking for lurve. He's got the pick of 12 women the same size, then they throw a spanner in the works with a few average size babes.
So does size matter? The definitive answer.

"Love is love at the end of the day, regardless of height, weight, size and shape.  We're all striving for the same thing ... to find our soul mate." says Dani.


Dani has recently hosted a new pilot for VH1 and Gay Rosenthal Productions called  I WILL SURVIVE - A Dance Marathon.  Based on the Jane Fonda movie THEY DON'T SHOOT HORSES, DO THEY?, it's a true contest of survival of the fittest, only the strong will last.  

"Such a fun experience ... I was exhausted just watching them. But I did pick up a couple of new moves!" says Dani.

We'll keep you posted ...


Watch for Dani hosting the SPIDERMAN II: Behind the Scenes special, airing on CH4 and E4 in the UK.  Co-hosting with Dani, is Duncan James from boy band BLUE.  
Keep an eye on these two, as it looks like they may be bringing you more of these movie specials as they have just completed the pilot WORLD MOVIE SHOW, a weekly look into the  international world of movies.

"It's the perfect show for me to host as I'm a movie freak, have been since a little girl and no doubt will always be.  Plus it's the first time I've co-hosted with someone thousands of miles away.  It's a good thing Duncan and I are old friends and the chemistry was already there!" says Dani.


Dani will be making a guest appearance on the first episode of this new BBC show, PUBLIC OPINION, alongside Jim Bowen and Paul Daniels amongst others.  A weekly look into the lives of celebrities, their tabloid history, and what the public perceives to be true or false about them.  

"Jim Bowen in my books is the funniest man on this planet.  You only need five minutes with the guy to realize this.  He'll have you wiping the tears away from hysterics." says Dani.


Listen out for Dani if you're traveling on Virgin Atlantic, as she is the voice for the animated safety voice.

"It's a little embarrassing sometimes when I'm on the plane and someone recognizes me midway through the safety video.  I think they expect me to stand up and do the hand movements with the rest of the crew.  Don't test me though ... I have been watching and learning ... and I have it down!  says Dani.


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